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Savannah Bus Accident Lawyer

Savannah Bus Accident Lawyer

Savannah Bus Accident Attorney

It’s not uncommon to see buses on Savannah roads, whether they be school buses, Chatham Area Transit bus service, or even private buses. Unfortunately, though, it’s possible that a car accident may involve one of these buses.

When that happens, because of the size and weight of these vehicles, the impact can often be significant, and the victims may need to turn to Savannah bus accident attorneys to seek compensation for their injuries.

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At Merritt & Merritt Law Firm, we help victims of bus accidents seek fair restitution for their injuries. Our clients benefit from the experience that comes with our decades of serving victims of all manner of injuries, particularly those that involve some form of motor vehicle. Whether by settlement or through taking the claim to court, our team is determined to advocate for our clients and present their strongest case.

What Compensation Is Awarded in a Savannah Bus Accident?

The compensation that’s awarded after a bus accident must cover those injuries that can be demonstrated to be a direct result of the accident and the other party’s negligence. One of the critical components of seeking compensation is demonstrating the connection between the costs that you are seeking to have covered and the case. That’s why it’s critical that you keep a good record of any bills, doctor’s notes, and other documentation relating to your injuries.

The costs that are compensated will be paid through economic and non-economic damages. This addresses both the financial losses that you suffered as a result of the accident and the psychological and emotional impact as well. Some of the costs that are commonly covered include:

  • Medical bills, including future medical bills
  • Property damage, such as damage to a vehicle
  • Lost wages if you were forced to miss work because of the injuries
  • Lost earning capacity into the future
  • Mental anguish
  • Loss of enjoyment in life
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of use of a body part

Is It Better to Settle a Claim or Go Through With a Trial?

The majority of personal injury claims, of which a bus accident is a subset, are settled outside of court rather than going through the full legal process. There are some advantages to settling that lead to this.

One of these is the element of time. Court cases have the potential to last for months or possibly years. For victims of these accidents, there may be a need to access the funds much sooner. A settlement can allow that as, in most agreements, the payment of restitution will need to happen within 30 days of finalization.

Another advantage to settling is that it allows both parties to avoid the risk of a trial. There is always a possibility that a court case may not work out in the way that you hope it would. For the plaintiff, this could mean getting much less money than in a settlement and, for the defendant, it could mean paying much more. Both parties, though, may prefer the certainty that comes with agreeing to a settlement.

Whether a settlement or going to court is a better option for you will be highly dependent on the specifics of your particular claim. The kind of agreement that could be reached, your need for the funds quickly, and the risks of going to trial will all need to be considered.

When Do You Need to File a Savannah Bus Accident Claim By?

If you need to take a claim to court following a bus accident, the deadline for doing so depends on who you are attempting to hold liable. If you are filing a claim against a private entity or person, the standard statute of limitations is two years. However, most bussing operations are run by the government. If you are attempting to prove their liability, a claim will need to be filed within six months.

There are some special circumstances, such as when minors are involved or injuries are discovered later, that lead to some differences in the deadline. However, as you need to decide whether to file within six months, it’s very important that you speak with a lawyer soon after the accident. We can help you determine the deadline that applies to your situation.

What Do Savannah Bus Accident Attorneys Do?

It’s the responsibility of a Savannah bus accident attorney to seek compensation for injuries while representing you and advocating for you in either the settlement process or litigation. To represent you properly, we often need to begin with a thorough investigation of the accident. This allows us to establish who is liable and gather evidence that can be used to prove that liability.

Once we have an understanding of who is liable, we usually seek to negotiate a settlement with them, as that can avoid the litigation process. Having our lawyers negotiate on your behalf often has several benefits, including an implicit threat of taking the claim to court, which can encourage a more willing negotiation by the other side.

If, though, a settlement can’t be reached, then it will be necessary to go to court to seek compensation. There, we can present your strongest case and seek the restitution that you deserve.

Seeking Restitution From Your Bus Accident

If you or someone you love has been injured in a bus accident, then you know the heavy toll that it can take. The financial burden, especially when the injuries are significant, can weigh on victims and their families. The psychological costs also are a lot to manage. Victims of these accidents deserve compensation for these issues. A Savannah bus accident attorney can help you seek that restitution.

At Merritt & Merritt Law Firm, we’ve been helping victims of accidents, including bus accidents, for over four decades. We have experience in reaching fair and full settlements for our clients, and we have successfully won their restitution in court. Our clients can count on that knowledge and experience in addition to our determination to seek justice for their injuries. If you’ve been in a Savannah bus accident and are ready to discuss your options, contact our offices today.

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