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Swainsboro Car Accident Lawyer

Swainsboro Car Accident Lawyer

Swainsboro Car Accident Attorney

Swainsboro Car Accident Attorneys

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Have you or a loved one been involved in a car accident in Swainsboro? Call our Swainsboro accident attorneys at 478-845-6464. Accidents can be shocking and overwhelming experiences, and they often have tragic consequences for victims and their families. If you or a loved one has suffered an injury or been harmed due to a car accident, consulting with a Swainsboro personal injury attorney should be one of your top priorities.


At Merritt & Merritt Law Firm we offer a personalized service to resolving your accident claim. As a father-and-son duo, we keep our client up to date and provide the caring and effective legal counsel you need. Whatever size your case maybe, our injury and accident attorneys are prepared to fight for the compensation you deserve.

Why Choose Us?

The lawyers you choose can make all the difference in your case. Because Merritt & Merritt Law Firm is a proven Georgia law firm, we are confident our 40 years of experience will prove worthy.

Immediate Steps to Take After a Car Accident

The very first thing you should do is make sure that you are safe – if possible, move your vehicle or yourself out of traffic so that you do not get hit by other oncoming vehicles that may not be able to avoid the scene of the accident.

The next thing you should do is call 911. Even if you do not know whether you are injured, an officer will be dispatched to the scene. They can divert traffic and secure the scene of the accident. They will also interview you, the other driver, and any witnesses in order to prepare an accident report. While the accident report does not necessarily contain the whole story of the accident, it will include information that could be very useful later on. Make sure that you get one of the officer’s cards so that you can contact them later in order to obtain a copy of the report.

Next, you want to exchange identification and insurance information with the other driver. Use your phone to snap a picture of their license plate, insurance card, registration, and driver’s license to save time. While you have your phone out, take as many photos as possible of the scene of the accident and the damage to your vehicle.

Lastly, exchange contact information with anyone who witnessed the accident. Their statements may prove to be invaluable if you need to pursue a claim.

Giving Back to the Community

As Swainsboro car accident and personal injury attorneys, we are deeply invested in our local community. Throughout the decades, our legal team has supported numerous non-profit organizations and charities throughout Georgia.

Injured in an accident or due to another’s negligence? Call us today at 478-845-6464 or 1-800-738-WE-WIN.

Our law firm is dedicated to assisting victims and families in a wide range of personal injury cases. Cases we handle include:

  • Car Accidents
  • Truck Wreck
  • Premise Liability
  • Birth Injuries
  • Mass Torts
  • Nursing Home Abuse
  • Workers’ Compensation

No matter what your case involves, a car accident lawyer at our Statesboro Office can provide you with the information, guidance, and legal representation you need. We are here to help in any way possible.

Standing by You

Merritt & Merritt Law Firm is dedicated to being available to you when you need us 24/7. We provide face-to-face meetings and excellent service to our clients and will respond to all communication within 24 hours. We understand how an injury can affect you and your family and we are intent on minimizing the complexity of the claims process. With over 40 years of experience, we know what it will take to get you the compensation you deserve.

The goal in your auto accident claim is to recover a large enough insurance settlement or jury verdict to cover all of your losses both economic and non economic. This means that you may be entitled to receive full compensation for your present and future medical expenses, loss wages and reduced earning capacity, and even damages for mental anguish. Call us now for a free consultation:  478-845-6464 or 1-800-738-WE-WIN.

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