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Atlanta Slip and Fall Lawyer

Atlanta Slip and Fall Lawyer

Atlanta Slip and Fall Accident Attorney

Atlanta Slip and Fall Lawyer

Slip and falls are generally not taken seriously.  Consequently, after a slip and fall many people don’t seek medical attention until months after the injury.  If you have been injured by a slip and fall contact us today by filling out our free case review form or call slip and fall attorneys at 912-764-3434 – this is a free no obligation consultation.

Sometimes referred to as a slip and fall case, these personal injury lawsuits result from someone slipping on a wet department store floor, falling down icy steps, catching a heel on broken concrete, or another accident of a similar nature.

Depending on the circumstances no one is directly to blame for the dangerous condition.  But, if the owner of the property has failed in keeping the property safe he may be liable for your injuries.  These injuries can come from poor maintenance, failure to keep the area clean, or some other lapse in care.

Again, if you believe you have a slip and fall case call us today, our attorneys are ready to assist you with your case.  Don’t hesitate to call us at 912-764-3434.