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Fort Worth, TX Truck Accident Lawyer

Fort Worth, TX Truck Accident Lawyer

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Fort Worth, TX Truck Accident Attorney

Have You Been in a Truck Accident in Fort Worth, TX?

Large trucks are larger and heavier than the average passenger vehicle. This means that it takes longer for them to stop, they are less maneuverable, and have larger blind spots. For these reasons, truck drivers require extensive training and experience in order to operate their trucks safely. Unfortunately, truck drivers and trucking companies can still be negligent, and this negligence can lead to a catastrophic accident that results in severe injuries to other drivers.

If you have been injured in a truck accident in Fort Worth, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries and other losses. Call us today for a free case review at 1-800-738-93946. Even if you don’t plan to go to court, you need someone on your side who can help you navigate the claim process so that you can get fair compensation and begin rebuilding your life. You need a Fort Worth truck accident lawyer from Merritt & Merritt Law Firm.

Fort Worth, TX Truck Accident Statistics

The Texas Department of Transportation compiles accident statistics for every year and across several different categories. While they do not keep records specifically for trucks, they do track the number of “commercial vehicle” accidents per year, which would include semi-trucks, box trucks, and any other type of truck driven for a commercial purpose.

In 2021, the Texas Department of Transportation recorded 2,174 commercial vehicle accidents for Tarrant County. These accidents include the following:

  • 18 fatal accidents that resulted in 23 fatalities
  • 49 accidents that resulted in 66 incapacitating injuries
  • 193 accidents that resulted in 314 serious but non-incapacitating injuries

While Fort Worth extends beyond Tarrant County, these statistics give us a snapshot of just how many truck accidents happen in the Fort Worth area every year. Thankfully, the vast majority of these accidents do not result in serious injuries. Nonetheless, hundreds of people were severely injured and even killed. If you have been injured in a truck accident, the best thing you can do is contact a Fort Worth truck accident lawyer as soon as possible.

Most Common Causes of Truck Accidents

As with any other type of motor vehicle accident, most truck accidents are the result of driver error or negligence. Speeding, tailgating, or unsafe lane changes are commonly cited factors in truck accidents, but truck accidents also have their own unique causes. Some of these causes are due to the size and weight of the truck, while others are due to the special skills and experience required to drive the truck safely. Some of the most common causes of truck accidents include the following:

  • Lack of training. Driving a large truck requires extensive training in order to be able to drive the truck safely. Even though the driver has their CDL (commercial driver’s license) they may have sufficient training to ensure the safety of other drivers. Trucking companies have a legal duty to ensure that their drivers have the skills and experience necessary to drive safely.
  • Lack of supervision. Trucking companies also have an obligation to supervise their drivers to ensure that they are obeying traffic laws and trucking regulations. Many companies use GPS devices to monitor their drivers, but many do not, and those who do often do not reprimand drivers for unsafe driving. Trucking companies should take steps to ensure their drivers are driving safely and take action when their drivers break the law.
  • Mechanical failures. Commercial trucks spend an incredible number of hours in service, which means that they have much higher maintenance needs. Drivers should conduct routine inspections of their trucks before getting on the road. Trucking companies should ensure that maintenance is conducted regularly and that their trucks are always in good working order. Failure to maintain braking systems, trailer hitch systems, replace worn tires, or make other repairs can lead to catastrophic accidents.
  • Driving while fatigued. Truck drivers spend long hours behind the wheel and can become drowsy while driving even if they are within their hours of service restrictions. Even if they aren’t falling asleep behind the wheel, driving while fatigued causes slowed reflexes and poor judgment, which can quickly lead to an accident. In some cases, drivers are encouraged to keep driving by their employers in order to make delivery deadlines. Drivers should get off the road when they are fatigued and unable to drive safely, and trucking companies have an obligation to encourage their drivers to stop driving if they are not as alert as they should be.
  • Driving while distracted. While this is a common cause of any type of motor vehicle accident, truck drivers can easily become distracted while spending so many hours behind the wheel. Daydreaming, eating or drinking, or looking at their phone can cause them to lose focus and be unable to avoid an accident when they need to.

Unfortunately, it can be quite difficult to identify the cause of your accident. Neither the driver nor the trucking company will likely admit fault. A Fort Worth truck accident lawyer can review the details of your accident and determine the likely cause.

Three Reasons Why You Need a Fort Worth, TX Truck Accident Lawyer

You are not obligated to hire an attorney to represent you to resolve your case. However, here are three reasons why you should consider at least talking to a lawyer before making any decisions:

  1. You need someone on your side. The trucking company and their insurance company may sound like they want to be fair, but in reality, they want to settle your claim for as little as possible. A Fort Worth truck accident lawyer can help you get the compensation you deserve.
  2. Knowledge and experience matter. A Fort Worth truck accident lawyer will know how to guide you through the claim process in order to maximize your chances of success. If your claim cannot be settled, they know how to navigate the local court system.
  3. You need to focus on your recovery. Your attorney can handle every aspect of your claim so that you can attend to your injuries. You retain the right to make the important decisions, while your attorney handles the heavy lifting.

Contact a Fort Worth, TX Truck Accident Lawyer at Merritt & Merritt Law Firm Today

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