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Fort Valley Car Accident Lawyer

Fort Valley Car Accident Lawyer

Fort Valley Car Accident Attorney

Experienced Fort Valley Car Accident Attorney

Have you been involved in a car accident in Fort Valley? Get in touch with our Fort Valley accident attorneys today at 478-845-6464.

My staff and I are experienced car accident attorneys and are ready to guide you through the necessary steps to recover from a car accident in Georgia. If you are involved in an automobile accident, the Merritt & Merritt Law Firm can advise you on what Georgia Laws apply to car wrecks and automobile negligence, and the several options available to victims of car accidents who have suffered injuries and/or damage to their vehicle.

Vehicles are a part of everyone’s daily life whether you are a car owner, a passenger, or a pedestrian. Practically everyone has been the victim of a car accident in their lifetime, or has known someone who has been. When an auto accident occurs, a wide network of personnel immediately becomes involved in the victim’s life. This network could include police department, rescue personnel, hospital staff, tow yard, repair shops, physician offices, investigators, and of course insurance companies. With so many steps, it is often very difficult to make decisions or even know what you are being asked to decide.

We sincerely hope you find this information helpful. If you have any questions concerning what to do after an auto accident, or what options are available to you, please feel free to call or contact us at anytime for answers, information and/or a free consultation.

The Merritt & Merritt Law Firm is dedicated to helping injured people. Call us at 478-845-6464 or 1-800-738-WE-WIN if we can do anything to help you.

City of Fort Valley

The city of Fort Valley in Georgia was incorporated as a town in 1854 and became a city by 1907. Historians believe that the name of the city was changed in a transcription error. It is known as Fort Valley but has never had any forts, and it is believed the original name of the city was meant to be ‘Fox Valley’. The total population of the city currently stands at approximately 10,000 people.

Here are the injuries we have assisted clients with:

  • Neck and Back Whiplash
  • Fractured Neck
  • DUI Driver
  • Broken Ankle
  • Fractured ankle
  • Dislocated Shoulder
  • Back injury
  • Arm injuries
  • Wrongful death

It is important to know if you are a victim of automobile negligence as you may be entitled to a recovery for injuries and damage to your property. Contact us today to find out how.

Benefits of Working with a Fort Valley Injury and Car Accident Attorney After an Accident in Georgia

There are numerous benefits to working with a lawyer after you have been in an accident in Georgia, including:

  • An attorney is far more knowledgeable than you are on how to build a case to support maximum compensation being awarded.
  • Your attorney will handle all conversations and correspondence with the other parties in the case. This will free you up to concentrate on healing and getting better.
  • You will not have to pay any fees or costs up front. Only if and when they win your case will your attorney recover their costs and be paid their fee.
  • If you receive a settlement offer, your attorney will know if you should consider taking it or turn it down for being too low an amount.
  • Having a lawyer represent you tends to make the insurance companies, defendants, and other attorneys involved in the case take you more seriously.

Emergency Contact Information:

Fort Valley Police Department
200 W Church St.
Fort Valley, GA 31030

Peach Regional Medical Center
1960 GA-247 Connector
Byron, GA 31008

Valley Medical Center
701 Bluebird Blvd.
Fort Valley, GA 31030