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Minkah C. Merritt

Minkah C. Merritt

Attorney Minkah Merritt is the Managing Partner at the Merritt & Merritt Law Firm. He’s licensed to practice in 4 states: Texas, Georgia, Florida, and South Carolina; less than 1% of lawyers have that distinction. During the course of his career he has handled over 2,500 cases mainly focusing on car accident and wrongful death cases. Under his leadership, the firm has grown from a small boutique practice to a nationally recognized firm.

Each year Attorney Merritt collects millions of dollars for his clients with many verdicts and settlements. Some notable cases have been: a settlement for $1,000,000 truck accident case; $850,000 confidential settlement; $300,000 truck accident case; $250,000 jury verdict in Rockdale County; $275,000 settlement for a t-bone accident; and $100,000 settlement for a client after another attorney told the client she did not have a case. Merritt has worked on a variety of cases from minor fender bender cases to accidents resulting in a fatality.

If Attorney Merritt looks familiar to you, you may have seen him on your local news stations from Texas to New York, from Atlanta to Miami and many places in between.

Born into a family of hard workers in South Georgia, Minkah was destined to follow in his mentor/father, Attorney Lorenzo Merritt’s, footsteps. Attorney Lorenzo Merritt, a Harvard graduate, was tough on Minkah in his younger years and foresaw many of the great things Minkah is now doing in the legal profession. For Minkah, the law is literally in his blood.

Minkah’s ability to relate to people and his willingness to help others was the reason he became an attorney. Throughout his community, Minkah is profoundly active and has devoted his practice to exclusively relating to personal injury victims throughout Texas, Georgia, Florida and South Carolina. He contributes his time, services, and financial support to local organizations. In addition, each year Minkah frequently donates 80 hours of free legal services to indigent clients and at-risk youth.

Prior to his life in law, Minkah began his career as an assistant manager for an international manufacturing company before progressing to account manager where he successfully negotiated business contracts with Fortune 500 companies. Now on the legal side of the spectrum, Merritt has sued and gotten favorable results from Fortune 500 companies.

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Minkah C. Merritt

Minkah C. Merritt Managing Attorney