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Columbus Car Accident Lawyer

Columbus Car Accident Lawyer

Columbus Car Accident Attorney

Have you or a loved one been involved in a car accident in Columbus? Call our Columbus accident attorneys at 706-955-1559. In Georgia, an auto accident claim must be brought within 2 years of the accident or injury.  If the claim is not brought within 2 years, the Plaintiff is forever barred from recovery.

Car Accident? Call the Merritt & Merritt Law Firm today at 706-955-1559.

Our Columbus Injury and Accident Attorneys have litigated injury and accident claims across Georgia and have the expertise to get you favorable results.  Our first priority is always to make sure our client’s receive adequate medical treatment.  After treatment, our priority becomes getting our clients fairly compensated for their injuries.

Most cases settle outside of court; however, that does not mean the insurance company will not put up a vigorous fight to avoid compensating you.  Remember, the insurance company is not on your side and will do whatever it can to save money; therefore, it is important you involve one of our experienced Columbus Accident Attorneys as soon as possible. Call us day or night, even on weekends, at 706-955-1559.

Even if you have started handling the case on your own, you can always contact us to take over where you left off. Immediately after the initial consultation we begin investigating the claim, collecting your medical records, if any, and alerting the insurance company that we are now representing you.

We have recovered millions of dollars for injury and accident victims so if you want an experienced attorney working on your claim call the Merritt & Merritt Law Firm.

Types of injuries we have handled:

  • Broken neck
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Brain injuries
  • Whiplash
  • Severe neck and back pain
  • Fractured ankle

What should I do immediately after a car accident?

If you are in a car accident, the first thing you should do is remove yourself to a safe place as soon as possible. Once you are in a safe place, if you are able, you should call 9-1-1 and report the accident and request medical assistance, if needed. If there are other parties that are badly injured and in need of help, and you are able to do so, you should help them. Do not leave the scene before emergency personnel arrive. However, if you are able to safely do so, it is a good idea to take pictures or video of the accident scene.

Once the emergency personnel arrive, cooperate with the law enforcement officers and provide them with your driver’s license, registration, and proof of insurance. Answer any questions that law enforcement asks. Also, allow emergency medical services to check you and comply with their recommendations for your healthcare.

In accidents that are less serious, move your vehicle out of the roadway. If emergency medical services do not come to the scene of the accident, see your healthcare provider as soon as possible. Remember, not all injuries are immediately visible and it may take a few days before an injury presents itself. Examples include headaches and neck pain. Finally, when you’re in a safe place – or home – you should reach out to our Columbus injury and car accident attorneys to learn about your legal rights and determine if you have a PI lawsuit.

Additional Car Accident Legal Tips:

  • In Georgia, the driver of a vehicle involved in an accident resulting in injury or death of any person or property damage to an apparent extent of $500 or more shall immediately, by the quickest means of communication, give NOTICE of such accident to the local police department if such accident occurs within a municipality. If such accident occurs outside a municipality, such notice shall be given to the office of the county sheriff or to the nearest office of the state patrol.
  • Your uninsured motorist coverage covers you when you are riding in your car or in any other automobile or while a pedestrian if the injury is caused by an uninsured motorist.
  • A personal injury claim must be filed within two years of the injury.  A workers’ compensation claim must be filed within one year after the injury or death of the employee.
  • Top five causes of auto accidents: 1.) distracted drivers: make up, cell phone, food;  2.) drunk driving; 3.) aggressive driving; 4.) road rage; and 5.) failure to make regular car maintenance.

Emergency Contact Information:

Columbus-Muscogee County Sheriff’s Department
Columbus Consolidated Government
4th Floor of the Tower
100 10th Street
Columbus, Georgia 31901
Ph: (706) 653-4225

Midtown Medical Center
710 Center Street
Columbus, Georgia 31901
Ph: (706) 571-1000

Northside Medical Center
100 First Court
Columbus, Georgia 31909
Ph: (706) 494-2100

If you have further questions or need to discuss a potential claim, contact us at 706-955-1559 or via our free case review form.