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Texas Dump Truck Accident Lawyer

Texas Dump Truck Accident Lawyer

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Texas Dump Truck Accident Attorney

Have You Been In a Dump Truck Accident In Texas?

Call us immediately at 1-800-738-93946. Dump trucks go by various names, including dumper truck and tipper truck. They have a variety of functions, from transporting fine materials such as gravel and dirt to hauling away the waste of a construction site. They can be found on Texas roadways on any given day, and when they are involved in an accident, the resulting injuries are often catastrophic. At the Merritt & Merritt Law Firm, our Texas dump truck accident lawyer is available to assist you if you have been injured in an accident involving a dump truck. We understand the toll a major accident can have on your life, and we are here to help.

Types of Dump Trucks

There are a surprisingly large number of different types of dump trucks. Listed below are some of the most common types of dump trucks our Texas dump truck accident lawyer has encountered in accident cases.

Standard Dump Truck

The standard dump truck is a popular choice due to its versatility. They are roadworthy, and move more easily on Texas roadways than some other types of dump trucks. The typical standard dump truck has an open bed and a hydraulic system it utilizes to raise the bed when dumping out a load. They offer two different kinds of gates:

  • Classic Swing Gate: When unlocked, gravity forces it open.
  • High Lift Tailgate: Uses a hydraulic system to open.

Transfer Dump Truck

The transfer dump truck is a standard dump truck with one significant difference, which is that it pulls a trailer that is transferable. The cargo trailer is then pulled by the dump truck. Although the cargo trailer is detachable, it is controlled by the dump truck. When you have been injured in an accident with a transfer dump truck, you need the counsel of a Texas dump truck accident lawyer.

Truck & Pup

The truck and pup is a configuration very similar to the transfer dump truck, with the major difference being that the pup trailer is capable of unloading itself. It has its own hydraulic system and it is not dependent upon the truck to be unloaded.

Winter Weather Dump Trucks

Fortunately for those of us in the peachtree state, we are not often bombarded by bad winter weather. When it does happen here, and in areas of the country where wintry mix is standard, winter weather dump trucks are useful to have around. They are heavy standard dump trucks that have been modified with a snow plow blade on its front for this type of work. The snow plow blade is used to remove the snow from the road, which the box part of the dump truck can be used to haul and spread salt on the roads. Salt is a great way to prevent the formation of ice and thereby reducing the risk of weather-related accidents.

Side Dump Truck

Side dump trucks are a good option when the goal is to unload the contents of the dump truck quickly. They are typically a semi-truck and trailer combination, and the mechanism responsible for dumping the cargo is located in the trailer rather than the truck. Cargo may be dumped out from either the left or the ride side. These dump trucks are inherently much safer than a standard dump truck, as there is much less chance of the truck tipping or rolling over.

Special Considerations for Dump Truck Accidents in Texas

Accidents involving dump trucks are very dissimilar to accidents involving two small, non-transport vehicles for several reasons. According to our Texas dump truck accident lawyer, the following are special considerations for accidents involving dump trucks.

Type of Cargo Hauled

The type of cargo hauled by dump trucks is typically of a fine material, such as rocks and sand, or debris of varying shapes, sizes, and weight. This type of cargo causes additional concerns, including being difficult to secure. According to what the cargo is, the weight can shift, causing the center of gravity of the truck to shift, and leading to an overturn. Also, loose cargo can easily fly off the truck at a high speed when the dump truck is moving, turning the debris into a projectile that may hit other vehicles, causing injuries and accidents.

Size & Shape of the Dump Truck

Dump trucks are bulky and shaped like a box. Their design means that they have significant blind spots on all four sides of the vehicle, hindering the ability of the driver to see other people and vehicles around the dump truck. Dump trucks also sit up high and accidents involving other vehicles riding under the dump truck have been known to occur. With a high center of gravity, dump trucks are more prone than most other vehicles to be involved in tip over or rollover accidents. Dump trucks are also typically constructed of durable materials that will not give when involved in a collision.

Finally, dump trucks are outfitted with a hydraulic lift which enables them to be able to lift and dump their cargo, which typically weighs tons. If this lift should malfunction, or the operator engages it prematurely, the resulting damages could be catastrophic. Nearby people and objects could be easily crushed.

Location of Dump Trucks

Dump trucks are used extensively in places where construction is taking place, which means they are utilized around construction workers and pedestrians. A vehicle as large as a dump truck, with significant blind spots, consistently being maneuvered around pedestrians, is a recipe for an accident.

Speak With a Texas Dump Truck Accident Lawyer at the Merritt & Merritt Law Firm

When you have suffered injuries in a dump truck accident, or lost a loved one in an accident involving a dump truck, it is likely you are not sure where to turn for the help you need. At the Merritt & Merritt Law Firm, our Texas dump truck accident lawyer has the experience needed to ensure that you recover the compensation you are owed. Call us today at 1-800-738-93946 or via our contact page.

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