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Texas Pickup Truck Accident Lawyer

Texas Pickup Truck Accident Lawyer

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Texas Pickup Truck Accident Attorney

Have You Been In a Pickup Truck Accident In Texas?

Pickup trucks serve a variety of useful purposes, from hauling small loads of cargo to serving as the main method of transportation for a family. Pickup trucks are versatile in their uses as well as their shape, size, and style. With pickups being such a popular choice of transportation among Texas drivers, it is no surprise that they are involved in collisions on a daily basis. When you have been injured in an accident involving a pickup truck, contact a Texas pickup truck accident lawyer at the Merritt & Merritt Law Firm to find out what you may be able to recover. Call today 1-800-738-93946.

Classes of Pickup Trucks

All pickup trucks are classified into one of eight classes pursuant to their Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR).

  • Class 1: A GVWR of 0 to 6,000 lbs
  • Class 2: A GVWR of 6,001 to 10,000 lbs
  • Class 3: A GVWR of 10,001 to 14,000 lbs
  • Class 4: A GVWR of 14,001 to 16,000 lbs
  • Class 5: A GVWR of 16,001 to 19,500 lbs
  • Class 6: A GVWR of 19,501 to 26,000 lbs
  • Class 7: A GVWR of 26,001 to 33,000 lbs
  • Class 8: A GVWR of over 33,000 lbs

While all classes are capable of causing serious injuries when involved in an accident, those in the higher classes are more dangerous due to their significant weight. Also, they are often carrying heavy cargo.

Types of Pickup Trucks

There are different types of pickup trucks on Texas roadways. Some of the most common types that our Texas pickup truck accident lawyer has seen involved in accidents include:

Light Duty Pickup Trucks

A light duty pickup truck is either a class 1, 2, or 3. They have smaller engines and load bins, and shorter wheelbases. Most are two wheel drive, and are good for towing smaller items, such as smaller boats and trailers. Many are used for personal reasons, such as a family vehicle, while others are used for utility purposes. They are great for traveling on a regular highway.

You may sometimes hear a pickup truck being referred to as a half-ton truck. A half-ton pickup truck derives its name from its towing capacity. In other words, it is not that the truck weighs a half ton, but that it has a maximum towing capacity of a half ton. A half-ton pickup is almost always a light-weight pickup truck.

Medium Duty Pickup Trucks

A medium duty pickup is either a class 4, 5, or 6. They are a great marriage of size and power, and are extremely versatile. They are the choice for many people that need to be able to carry cargo around for work during the week, but also need a vehicle to haul the family around on the weekend.

A three-quarter ton truck is a truck that has a maximum towing capacity of three-quarters of a ton, and is typically a medium duty pickup truck.

Heavy Duty Pickup Trucks

A heavy duty pickup is either a class 6 or 7. Heavy duty pickup trucks are capable of carrying large loads, and can tow heavier items, such as a fifth wheel. A heavy duty pickup truck is ready to go off road, has a V8 engine, and is a four wheel drive.

One-ton pickups are generally heavy duty pickup trucks with a maximum load capacity of a full ton. Most modern versions of this truck can haul loads in excess of one ton.

Common Types of Accidents Involving Pickup Trucks

Pick-up trucks are involved in a wide range of accident types. Some of the most common encountered by our Texas pickup truck accident lawyer include:

Rollover Accident

Pickup truck rollover accidents occur when a pickup truck, for whatever reason, flips sideways onto its side or onto its roof. Rollover accidents are more common in vehicles that have a high center of gravity, such as a pickup truck. Another contributing factor is having a narrow track width, which is common in pickup trucks. Finally, rollover accidents are more common on rural roads, which is a place where pickup trucks can typically be found. Rollover accidents often eject passengers, causing serious injuries.

Override Accident

Override accidents occur when a larger pickup truck drives over a smaller passenger vehicle located in front of them. The difference in the height of a large pickup truck and a passenger vehicle can be substantial, meaning that it can be hard for the driver of the pickup truck to judge distance. Also, the difference in height allows the front of the pickup truck to ride over the back end of the passenger vehicle. The size difference in the vehicles is the reason override accidents occur, and what differentiates them from a typical rear-end crash. Override accidents can be catastrophic and require a Texas pickup truck accident lawyer.

Lost Load Accident

Pickup trucks are used to carry all sorts of cargo. Some of the items carried are for work, such as ladders, cans of paint, or yard maintenance equipment. Others carry items for play, such as hunting equipment or a kayak. Once thing is certain no matter what is being transported, and that is the need to ensure the cargo has been secured to the bed of the truck. An unsecured load can easily fall off the back of the truck while it is traveling at a high rate of speed on a roadway. When this happens, it can strike another vehicle, or land in the road where it is hit by another vehicle.

Speak With a Texas Pickup Truck Accident Lawyer at the Merritt & Merritt Law Firm

Pickup truck accident victims often suffer serious injuries. Fortunately, our firm is here to help injured parties recover any damages they may be entitled to. To find out more about how we can help you, contact our firm, the Merritt & Merritt Law Firm, and schedule a free consultation with a Texas pickup truck accident lawyer. We may be reached by calling 1-800-738-93946 or via our contact page.

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