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Atlanta Product Liability Lawyer

Atlanta Product Liability Lawyer

Atlanta Product Liability Attorney

Atlanta Product Liability Lawyer

You’ve Been Hurt By Dangerous Products. We Can Help. 

If you have fallen victim to dangerous products, get medical help, and then call our office.  Merritt & Merritt can help you recover compensation for lost wages, medical treatment expenses, disfigurement, scarring, and emotional distress caused by dangerous or defective products.

We won’t charge you unless we win compensation on your behalf. Call 404-975-1775 to schedule your free consultation.

Why Choose Merritt & Merritt To Handle Your Atlanta Products Liability Case?

With a record of success since 1973, we have proven ourselves as the “people’s firm.” We will work directly with medical professionals to understand the significance of your injuries. With over four decades of experience, we know what it takes to get big name insurance companies and large corporations to pay. If liable parties fail to produce a fair settlement amount, we’ll go to court and fight for your recovery.

What You Should Know About Manufacturer Liability In Georgia

Manufacturers and retailers often fight to avoid responsibility for their products that have caused personal injury, and in some cases death. When corporations fail to put your safety first, we can help hold them liable for your injuries.

  1. Time- Georgia law allows for a two-year window when filing a personal injury claim for damages from dangerous or defective products. However, this time limit is measured from the time of discovery of both the personal injury and the product’s relevance to the injury unless this discovery is made outside of the ten-year statute of repose. While the statute of limitations governs the amount of time a plaintiff has to recover money after he or she was injured, the statute of repose bars any actions for dangerous product injuries that happen after 10 years from the date the item was first sold.
  2. Damages – To have a products liability claim in Georgia you must be less than 50% at fault for the injury caused. Additionally, your claim may be reduced by your percentage of liability.
  3. Basis for Liability – For the manufacturer to be liable, the product that caused injury must have been defective upon release from the manufacturer and the defect must have caused the injury. In Georgia, we consider issues of defective design, manufacturing defects, and duty to warn when building a case.

Recovering Damages For Injuries From Dangerous Products

While the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CSPC) helps protect consumers like you from dangerous products that cause injury or death, our firm helps make sure negligent manufacturers and retailers pay for the injuries and deaths their products cause. If a dangerous product has caused your personal injury resulting in medical expenses, or led to a loss of life, we can help. Call our firm today at 404-975-1775 and let’s get started with your recovery.