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Athens, TX Truck Accident Lawyer

Athens, TX Truck Accident Lawyer
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Athens, TX Truck Accident Attorney

The Georgia Department of Transportation has reported that there were 111 tractor-trailer accidents in 2021, two of which resulted in fatalities. This is the highest number of truck accidents since 2013, the earliest statistics currently available. With the number of truck accidents on the rise, Athens, TX area motorists should be aware that they have rights in the event they find themselves injured in a truck accident. Call our Athens truck accident attorneys today at 706-955-1559.

Accident victims find themselves facing exorbitant medical bills and are often unable to work for days or weeks following the accident. Some victims suffer temporary or permanent disabilities. Whatever your injuries may be, the best thing you can do is contact an Athens, TX truck accident lawyer to understand your options and what compensation you may be entitled to.

Truck Accidents Require An Experienced Athens, TX Truck Accident Lawyer

A common mistake that accident victims make is to think any personal injury attorney is equipped to handle their claim. To maximize your chances of success, you need someone who understands what makes truck accidents unique. Some of the issues that will need to be addressed include the following:

  • The trucking company’s negligence in maintaining the truck or ensuring that their drives have sufficient training and supervision
  • Whether the accident was caused by a mechanical failure
  • Whether the driver or trucking company violated state or federal trucking regulations
  • Whether other parties such as a mechanic or whoever loaded the truck may be at fault

Truck accident cases are often complex. An experienced Athens truck accident lawyer can identify the potential issues and then help you gather the evidence you need to build a strong case.

Was Your Truck Accident Caused by Weather Conditions?

Weather conditions are responsible for many motor vehicle accidents, and truck accidents are no exception. Poor weather can create unique hazards for large trucks that can result in serious accidents. If you have been injured in a truck accident that occurred during inclement weather, you should contact our Athens, TX truck accident lawyers at 706-955-1559 to discuss whether you may be entitled to compensation.

High Winds

High winds can be dangerous for tractor trailers or any other large trucks. The reason is that they have a higher center of gravity and the trailer or rear of the truck presents a large surface area in crosswinds. As a result, the driver can quickly lose control of the truck, causing them to drift into another lane or oncoming traffic. High winds also commonly result in roll-over accidents. If the truck is empty, the risk of an accident is even higher as the lower weight makes it more prone to be affected by the wind.

Heavy Rain

Heavy rains can mean reduced visibility, slick road surfaces, and the possibility of hydroplaning. Even if it isn’t actively raining, pooled water and wet pavement can cause the driver to suddenly lose control of the truck or be unable to stop. Wet conditions can also cause problems with the truck’s braking system.

Snow and Ice

While snow isn’t as much of a factor in Georgia as it may be in other states, it can still happen in the winter months. Arguably, this makes it even more dangerous if the truck driver or other drivers lack experience in driving in these types of conditions. Snow on the roads can result in jackknife accidents, rollovers, and rear-end accidents.

Freezing rain, however, is fairly common in Georgia. When rain freezes on the roads, conditions are incredibly dangerous for any vehicle on the road, but especially trucks.


Fog is an often overlooked hazard despite the fact that it can be quite common, especially in early mornings. Fog results in reduced visibility, meaning that trucks have less time to stop or avoid potential hazards on the road.

Extreme Temperatures

Extreme heat or cold can also affect large trucks. During extreme temperatures, they are more prone to mechanical failures such as tire blowouts or brake failures. Extreme temperatures can exacerbate any existing problems resulting from negligent maintenance.

Why You May Still Have a Claim

Many people assume that no one is at fault if their accident was caused by weather conditions. While the weather may cause accidents that are simply unavoidable, the fact that the weather contributed to the accident does not mean that the truck driver or the trucking company cannot be held accountable for your injuries.

Truck drivers have a legal duty to drive safely according to conditions. This means that they need to slow down when the weather results in reduced visibility or slick road surfaces. Even if they weren’t speeding or otherwise breaking any laws, they can be held liable if they failed to reduce their speed or take other measures to avoid an accident.

The trucking company may also be responsible for the accident despite the weather. Failure to perform maintenance such as replacing worn tires, repairing worn brakes, or ensuring that the headlights are functioning properly can become immediate hazards in inclement weather. They may also have failed to ensure that their drivers have adequate training for driving in poor weather. In fact, some trucking companies will encourage their drivers to stay on the road in extremely dangerous conditions.

Do not assume that you don’t have a claim. You need to discuss your case with an experienced Athens truck accident lawyer if you have been injured in a weather-related truck accident. They can review your case, determine whether you may be entitled to compensation, and help you understand your options.

If You Have Been Injured, An Athens, TX Truck Accident Lawyer from Merritt & Merritt Law Firm Can Help

Truck accident victims may be entitled to compensation for their medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and any other losses they may have experienced. Unfortunately, you will need to prove your claim, which is especially difficult for non-lawyers. A knowledgeable Athens, TX truck accident lawyer from Merritt & Merritt Law Firm can get you the compensation you need to rebuild your life. Call us today at 706-955-1559 to schedule your free consultation.

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