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I was hit from behind on the interstate and there wasn’t much damage to my car. I hit my head pretty hard on the steering wheel and had severe back pain. The attorney made sure he got me a great settlement offer even though my car wasn’t totaled. The staff found me a chiropractor near me and answered all of my questions. One thing I like best about this firm is how well they communicate. They kept me updated every step of the way and explained everything so that I could understand. Hopefully I never get in a car accident again but I will be sure to tell my friends and family to use this firm if they ever get in an accident.

Nikki T

The staff is very helpful, professional, and down to Earth. It was so easy communicating with them. They kept me updated on each step, and got my cases settled in a timely manner! I would DEFINITELY recommend them as well as use them in the future! Thank you to each and every staff member I communicated with! Keep up the awesome work, you all! 🙏🏿

Queen Jay

From the moment I contacted their office, I was met with a friendly and professional team. The attorneys at Merritt and Merritt Law Firm demonstrated a great level of expertise and knowledge in handling my legal matter. They were thorough in their approach, paying attention to every detail and providing me with clear and realistic expectations. Throughout the process, they were responsive and kept me well-informed. I truly appreciate their dedication and commitment to achieving the best possible outcome for me. I highly recommend them for their reliable and trustworthy legal services.

Jenée Brown

They have a great staff. Everyone was very friendly and professional. They handled my claim and were exceptionally helpful along the way. They made sure I understood every option and kept me updated throughout the process.

Amber Wilkerson

My internship at Merritt & Merritt Law Firm in 2021 was an exceptional experience, primarily due to Attorney Merritt’s outstanding guidance and expertise. Attorney Merritt’s deep knowledge of the law and dedication to client success made a lasting impression on me. Their mentorship was invaluable, and I witnessed firsthand their commitment to excellence in legal practice. If you’re looking for top-notch legal representation, Attorney Merritt and Merritt & Merritt Law Firm come highly recommended for their exceptional skills and unwavering dedication to their clients.

Maya Raheem

I cannot express enough gratitude and satisfaction for the outstanding legal services provided by my attorney in handling my recent automobile claim. From start to finish, their expertise, dedication, and professionalism exceeded all expectations.
Attorney Merritt demonstrated an exceptional understanding of the intricacies of automobile law. They examined every aspect of my case, leaving no stone unturned. Their attention to detail and extensive knowledge of the legal framework surrounding automobile claims were remarkable.

Their communication skills were second to none. Throughout the entire process, my attorney kept me informed and updated on the progress of my claim. They promptly answered all of my questions and concerns, providing clear explanations that helped me navigate the legal jargon effortlessly.

What sets my attorney apart is their genuine empathy and compassion. They truly cared about my well-being and fought relentlessly to ensure that I received fair compensation for my damages. Their unwavering support and dedication made me feel confident and secure during a challenging time.

In addition to their legal expertise, my attorney’s negotiation skills were exceptional. They skillfully advocated for my rights and tirelessly fought for the best possible outcome. Their ability to negotiate with insurance companies and other involved parties was nothing short of impressive, resulting in a settlement that exceeded my expectations.

Lastly, my attorney’s professionalism and integrity were unwavering throughout the entire process. They always operated with the highest ethical standards, ensuring that my interests were protected at all times. Their commitment to providing exceptional service was evident in every interaction, leaving me with a sense of trust and confidence in their abilities.

In conclusion, I wholeheartedly recommend my attorney for any automobile claim. Their exceptional legal support, combined with their empathy, communication skills, negotiation abilities, and unwavering professionalism, make them an outstanding choice. I am incredibly grateful for their services and the positive outcome they achieved on my behalf.

Marcia Brown

My Experience with Merritt and Merritt Law Firm was excellent! Expectations were exceeded, the knowledge provided was very informative, and the communication was great!

Mackenzie Clark

Welcoming Staff! Hard working Lawyer! Case managers stay in touch and on top of your case. The paralegal is making sure all the paper work is in order and ready to be submitted. Smooth operation. Merritt and Merritt is your law firm! I was impressed!

Jennifer Stephens

Just what I needed….I was new to the area. Someone rear ended me, I couldn’t even get a doctor to take my call…But heaven sent this firm. THANK YOUUUUU


5 star service from a family law firm that cares about their clients. Their professionalism was top tier and greatly appreciated. I trust Merritt & Merritt!!!!

Samose%%54fu4rr7 Mays

My experience with them was amazing. They handled my case so well and went above and beyond what I expected. This was my first time in this situation and they made it so easy!

Ronnekia Daughtry

It has been a pleasure working with a group of professional. The staff were kind and kept me updated throughout the whole process. I’m really appreciate of what they done for me. Thanks always Karl Williams.

Karl Williams

They work along with you to make sure that you are compensated. The staff maintained good communication and were great to work with.

Renada McCord

Merritt&Merritt is AWESOME! The night I was in a accident in September 2021,they called and wanted to take my case.. My case worker was R. Myers, and Minkah Merritt was my attorney.. They worked so hard to get the compensation I deserved and I am happy with the results.. God Bless them… This is a law firm who cares about their clients

Thank you for everything you all have done for me!! 🙏🏽

Tamara Howard

Merritt & Merritt did a great job for my case. Being this my first ever car accent while being a full time college student and working a full time job is already harder enough; having they walk me through step by step during my case really helped. It allowed me to still focus on my studies while they worked on the hard parts of my case. They truly helped me out during a rough time of need.

Brandon Dean

Treated me like faimly made sure i had what i needed when i needed a great group of people

Ricky Barber

This was one of the most comfortable, supportive, understanding, and professional company I have ever encountered. I would recommend them to anyone at a moments notice. I pray nothing but continued success and prosperity upon the entire staff. Merritt and Merritt was there and stood firm on the battlefield for me and my family. I am forever grateful,

Pastor Tee Pinkney

I highly recommend using this law firm. They were able to handle me and my son’s case with a level of care that catered to our needs. We are thrilled to have done business with them. Ralphael, Tangela, and Attorney Merritt were nothing short of wonderful to work with.Thank you so much Merritt & Merritt!

Aiysha Copeland

It has been a great experience. Everyone I spoke with at the firm has been very professional and polite. Thanks so much for your service.

Marcella Johnson

Mr. Merritt and his staff were a saving grace when a drunk driver hit me from the rear. They were very patient and compassionate to what my family and I were going through. They were professional and guided me through the process step by step. Customer Service at its BEST! Thank you.

Lakeidra Jackson

Absolutely amazing law firm to work with. Extremely professional, and timely. Helped me get the most out of my divorce and settlement claim.

Michael Roth

It was a lengthy process, but Minkah Merritt definitely reassured me as well as his office staff that they were handling my case and they certainly did I will be a loyal client going further. Thanks so much for all you guys have done for me!!!!

Harry Green

Merritt was helpful from day one. I never had to chase or harass them for help or updates. Thanks a million!

Kimberly McCall

I was pleased with the professionalism and my settlement.. You guys are awesome. I absolutely love Shea & Debra they both were so patient with me… Minkah (sp) thanks a bunch

Chakettia Lazenby

I can honestly say when I was trying to find an attorney, it is one of the scariest times in my life. Your freedom, finances, and even your life may depend on the attorney and staff you have in your corner. So, wouldn’t you want to have the best? In these times you want and NEED someone that will not take your situation lightly and not treat you as just another file on their desk. The attorneys and staff at Merritt and Merritt have treated me as a part of their family. I know the attorneys would be there fighting for me and my family. That knowledge alleviated the stress and worry I had. I’m beyond grateful to have the staff on my side. Everyone in the office is so delightful, reassuring, and understanding. I know that I have the best team working beside me. I would and have recommend Merritt and Merritt Law Firm!

Heather Roark

I really enjoyed y’all helping me… everyone was very friendly, polite, nice, respectful. And they help me with my case without any frustration or problems.

Deshawn Sharpe

Very professional and great communication! Always kept me in the loop with same day response. Would definitely use them again and highly recommend! Thank you!

LaTiffiny Barrow

It was a long process but they were there for me and with me every step of the way. They got the job done. It was a pleasure doing business with them, it felt like family instead of business. Thanks Minkah and team!

Felicia Williams

I highly recommend Merritt & Merritt. They are very kind and understanding, they take their time to answer any questions or concerns you may have. They make sure the job is done right and they truly have your best interest at heart.

Courtney Wilkerson

The firm was patient with me and the whole situation no issues. I would use them again if need be and I recommend them for other to use them as well.

Everett Parrish

Very happy with the outcome of my case. Would recommend this law firm. Did a great job.

Denise Stanley

I highly recommend Merritt and Merritt. They are very proactive and was very thorough with my car accident case. I requested a consultation and received a phone call from the attorney on Sunday and he assured me he would be able to take care of the case. So if you are looking for an attorney to help you with your accident case and you want to see results I highly recommend Merritt and Merritt Law Firm.

Dannie Butler

After my wreck I was a hot mess. My anxiety shot through the roof especially due to my special case. Merritt and Merritt took care of all my needs and fears. ALL staff was nothing but friendly and courteous! Hopefully, I will not, nor my family will have another accident but we will always use these wonderful people!

Lindsey Johnson

I’ve used them twice. Nothing but good to say. Small yet mighty business. Would recommend to anyone in need.

Ora Kilpatrick

My father is a friend of Merritt and my sister knows his son. I was lucky enough to be able to work with the father. I suffered a herniated disc at my workplace last year, after having a bulging disc in September of 2017. My work place did not give me the assistance with the class I had my accident in. I ended up having a child pushed into my back and that herniated the disc. The specialist I saw said that PT wouldn’t do it. Long story short, I had 2 surgeries, because I reherniated 4 weeks after the first surgery. My back hasn’t been the same since the second surgery this January. My specialist released me in March even though I had a significant amount of pain. That’s why I came to Merritt. He was kind, he listened and he always made sure I knew what to expect at any given time. He never treated me like a child or anything, even though I look very young. He got me every bit of what I deserved and we didn’t even have to go to court! I’d definitely recommend him!


The office is very beautiful. I was pleasantly welcomed by the administrator. I was helped immediately. The service was warm and efficient. I am happy I chose Merritt and Merritt to represent me!

Tamika Mitchell

They helped me with a car accident settlement and made sure to keep me updated on what was going on with my case. It took a bit more time than I expected, but I would have expected a longer delay with COVID still going on, so I was pleasantly surprised!

Melody Merrell

Very professional. They are great at keeping in touch with you for all your needs and are very polite and easy to work with.

Jaedon Eaddy

Merritt and Merritt was very understanding when my family was in accident. Help us out alot. They are very knowledgeable and understanding to their clients. I will refere there service to anyone who has been in accident.

Alicia Gordon

Very nice and fast! The got me my payout when no one else could. Best attorney

Desiree Gadson

Thanks to Merritt and Merritt for helping me with my case!!!! I highly recommend them to anyone who needs help or assistance with an car accident!! The staff is very friendly and keeps you updated with everything that takes place within your case!!!!!

Janadria Wiggins

My experience was great! I would recommend Merritt & Merritt to anyone who needs their services. Thank you !

Nekia Daughtry

Great company, they will stay in contact with you every step of the way. Makayla is nice and understanding

G.M View

Merritt and Merritt helped me rather quickly after my accident and they’re affordable

Reyna Kaye

My first time ever having to get a lawyer. Some of the best people you could ever meet. I was a little concerned at first but I’m glad I chose them. Great members of the firm. Thanks for the great service.

Shanpatrick sapp

I definitely appreciate the help from Merritt and Merritt law firm. The staff is very help and understanding. I will always choose them first.

Kamesha Johnson

When I called they responded and it was not just about business they were concerned about my daughter especially since she was an student athlete. I am forever grateful. We choose them first.

Latunya Rock

“They have a very professional and personal atmosphere. Great law firm that makes people their priority.”

Christopher P.

“Merritt & Merritt Law firm are some great people and professionals…They are active in the community and don’t mind helping the less fortunate. Thank you guys for all you do and what’s yet to come.

Christopher H.

“Top-notch lawyers. Highly respected in the legal community.”

Christian L.

Without Merritt & Merritt Law Firm I don’t know what we would have done. I give Merritt & Merritt 5 stars. Thanks for everything.


A special thank you to Mr. Merritt, and the whole team for treating me right and keeping me notified on everything that was going on with the case. I would love to work with you again in the future. Be Blessed and thanks again.

Bryant F

I would like to thank the Merritt and Merritt Law Firm for doing an outstanding job! We dealt with a lot of attorneys in Atlanta and none were able to get the job done. Merritt and Merritt got us results and I am so glad justice was served on behalf of my son. Thank you!!!

T. Hill