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The city of Brunswick lies on Georgia’s gold coast known for its stunning Victorian style homes and thousand year old oaks. While comfortably located between the corridors of Florida and Georgia along I-95, we see and experience some of Georgia’s worst accidents.

At the Merritt & Merritt Law Firm our Brunswick injury and auto accident attorneys specialize in car accidents, big truck wrecks, semi truck accidents, bicycle accidents, and dump truck accidents.  We understand the challenges of what an accident presents to an individual involved as well as their families.

Car Accident Statistics:

  • Approximately 90 percent of driver’s decisions are made based on what they see
  • At night, about 60 percent less traffic is on the road
  • More than 40 percent of fatal crashes happen at night

Car Accident Lawyer’s Night Driving Safety:

  • Allow for enough distance to stop
  • Keep your dashboard lights at a safe low setting
  • Keep your windshield and wipers clean
  • Limit Distractions

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Car Accident Tips:

Did you know that the roads are slickest just as the rain is starting to fall? This is because all the oils in the street — which weigh less than water — suddenly rise to the top of the asphalt and make the roads extra slippery.

10 Second Rule

Use a 10-second rule when using freeways and streets. To know if you’re following at least 10 seconds behind, locate a stationary object ahead of you. As the vehicle ahead of you passes the stationary object, count to 10. Your vehicle should not have passed the stationary object by the time you’ve counted to 10. This increased distance allows a truck driver to focus on the bigger picture and the road ahead, including an ample reaction time so an accident can be potentially averted.

State Bar of Georgia- Auto Accident Pamphlet

Georgia Driving While Texting Law

If you have further questions or need to discuss a potential claim, contact us at 912-341-6644 or via our free case review form.



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